The Empowered Woman

The 12 week vortex that will catapult you to new heights -
A journey that will launch you into fully expressed, magnetic energy!

An Empowered Woman

knows that being fully expressed in divine feminine energy is her gift to the world.

✴︎ She feels safe to radiate full her true self in full expression 

✴︎ She embodies her truth with grace

✴︎ She owns her truth and her desires unapologetically

✴︎ She creates sacred boundaries that protect her  worthiness, allure and generosity

✴︎ She lives in daily spaciousness and freedom

✴︎ She embodies abundance & wealth magnetism

YOU are that woman,
beneath ancient layers of suppression & abuse

Are you ready to shed the generations and lifetimes of persecution so you can courageously shine your light?

Are you ready to release the scarcity and survival mindset carried from lifetimes and lineage?

Ready to shift into your most empowered, full expression so you can own your gifts and divine value?

Are you ready to claim your desires and voice, to show up powerfully and speak them into reality?

In just 90 days:

⁕ Transmute survival energy so you can step into creation energy and emblazoned action

⁕ Embody abundance codes to magnetize money and wealth the feminine way

⁕ Reclaim your voice so you may speak your truth with clarity

⁕ Become steeped in personal power - deeply anchored in your divine gifts and purpose

⁕ Feel safe to radiate the full expression of your gifts and magic

⁕ Reclaim your authentic essence and worth, so you can receive your heart’s desires

⁕ Fully own self-trust to live in harmony with your truth


❝ My view on the world has been completely changed and it is an amazing feeling that somebody truly believes in you and in your goals and thinks that these are all really reachable. Thank you for all the support Nancy! ❞

~ Anita

❝ Before working with Nancy, I didn't realize how habitual negative framing of my challenges was keeping me stuck.

I used escapism to ignore issues when I didn't know how to deal with them. So they stayed stuck inside me.

I didn't know there was a process for making real change without all the slogging through details that didn't matter.

In just 3 months, I have achieved goals I've had for years.❞

~ Rose

❝ I’ve become aware of how my body [sensations] is a window to my subconscious mind and that simply focusing the mind isn’t enough, if my subconscious is blocking the vibration. The body and the mind have to be aligned to manifest.
I am decoding my abundance and noticing that life is manifesting more opportunities. I am leaving go of unknown saboteurs and feeling richer. ❞

~ Claire

Meet your Coach, Nancy Banner

I thought my clarity of purpose and financial freedom would never arrive. Until I couldn’t take the frustration anymore and made it my mission to face myself, unravel the layers of hidden beliefs, and put an end to the guilt and shame stopping me from living my best life.
This is why I’m so passionate about helping others on the journey back to themselves – in far less time than it took me.

Value in the Box:

⁕ 6 private bi-weekly (90 minute) sessions ($2000 value)

 ⁕ Private Messenger Access between sessions to share wins and ask Q’s if you get stuck ($1500 value, but trust me, this is priceless)

⁕ Lifetime access to session recordings  to repeat and anchor transformation ($999 value) 

⁕ Bonus: A stack of pre-recorded Activations to permanently shift wealth consciousness and Quantum Leap Expansion ($999 value)

(Total Value: $5,500 )

Investment Options:

PAY IN FULL $3,333

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