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A Chalice Full of Free Gifts for Seekers & Soul-preneurs!

The Priestess Portal is equal parts community & tools for transformation. Come together with fellow sisters and seekers committed to releasing fear and conditioning to embrace a life where Sacred Feminine Personal Power meets Divine Purpose AND Abundance. Plus, get my two must-have resources for quickly shedding layers of shame and doubt so you can activate your deepest knowing and wield the gifts you are meant to share.


When you enter the Priestess Portal, you get:

  • The 'Own Your Truth' Quiz. This short quiz will evaluate how comfortable you are showing up in your world right now with authenticity and confidence. Women often struggle with visibility because of our history, generational trauma, and contemporary discomfort. This quiz helps you identify how you are showing up and is reverse engineered to help you open your throat chakra – essential for clearing the way to owning your voice.
  • 'Safe to Be Seen Activation' Guided Audio Practice. During this 30-minute audio practice, I guide you to release layers of fear, shame, and unworthiness and begin to tap into your magic and deeper knowing. The modalities I teach in this audio training have been transformative for my life and business. I hope they awaken the same good fortune in you!
  • Access to the Private Facebook Group "Sacred Feminine Magic." This exclusive closed community is for women who know they are holding back and are ready to uncover their authentic selves and divine magic. I regularly deliver free content, insights, and inspiration to this group, and it's an excellent space for repairing the bonds between women that have been broken due to historical trauma and fear.
  • Free 1:1 Coaching Call. I'm currently holding space for a few individuals to join me for a free 1:1 coaching call. If you feel like you are holding yourself back from practicing your soul's magic and shining as brightly as you know you are meant to, I truly believe this gift is intended for you. During this complimentary 90-minute 1:1 call, I help you understand your unique brand of magic and address potential blocks that keep you from living authentically and attracting the abundance that is your birthright.

If your deeper knowing has led you here, there is a purpose in you that wants to be discovered, seen, and unfurled in service of others.

Because everything moves in unbroken circles, this space is coincidentally part of how I show up and share my gifts in service to you.

These offerings are intended to help you shake off layers of patriarchal conditioning, connect with fellow sisters and seekers, and awaken the magic within.

Claim your gifts now by filling out the form below. I'll send them straight to your inbox, along with occasional musings & remedies for a powerful life.

See you on the other side!!! ✨

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