$1,597.00 USD

6 Abundance Activations WITH Private Coaching

Package of 6 Recorded Abundance Activations - AND 3 private support sessions with Nancy - to release you from ancestral money traps, financial trauma, raise your worthiness and abundance set points, all while expanding your capacity to receive wealth like a queen.
Do not underestimate the life changing power of these potent activations!

What's included:

  • Discovering Your Unconscious Relationship with Money so You Can CONSCIOUSLY create it!
  • Healing the Hidden Ancestral Money Paradigm so YOU are in control of your Wealth & Abundance
  • How Past Money "failures" self-perpetuate and How to STOP THE PATTERN so You Can Live a New Paradigm of Sacred Abundance
  • Up-level Worthiness Set-points so You Can Allow and Receive Abundance in All Forms!
  • And more...!
  • PLUS 3 PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS w/ Nancy to 10X your integration and transformation (Value: $999)

These activations WILL change your relationship with money. The more you revisit the processes, the more you anchor the transformation.  Receiving Nancy's hands on support will 10x your ability to LIVE the transformation.

What Claire said:
“I was struggling with money issues; a friend who began manifesting money after working with Nancy recommended her to me!
Nancy manages to swim easily between professional and personable. She is clearly an expert who knows how to hold space for people. Her work compares extremely favorably to other techniques. I personally work with energy techniques and have found her structured approach to de-coding the ego extremely powerful and complimentary to my own work.”

What Beth said:
“I signed up for Nancy's coaching in the hopes of discovering (and clearing), the hidden reasons I couldn't break an income ceiling. And while I was already making decent money, I discovered some patterns that were keeping me from reaching my goals. In just 8 sessions, Nancy guided me in clearing out the internal blocks that have been with me for decades and my business has been booming ever since (doubled from an already healthy place)!
If you feel stuck, are under earning, or if you have unhealthy patterns with money and want to quickly clear out the energetic sludge that's holding you hostage, then working with Nancy is perfect! Sign up for one of her programs ASAP...you'll be so glad you did!”