A 16 Week Journey to Reclaim Codes of Personal Power, Divine Abundance and Sacred Feminine Leadership

A Vortex to Launch Your Unique Gifts & Healing Magic into Fully Expressed, Magnetic Energy!

Beneath ancient layers
of suppression & abuse


Will you accept the call to heal generations and lifetimes of persecution so you can courageously shine your light?

Are you devoted to sharing your unique brand of magic to heal the world?

Are you beyond ready to shed scarcity and survival strategies that perpetuate 'playing it safe' and settling for crumbs

Ready to shift into your most empowered, full expression so you can proudly and confidently own your gifts and divine value?

Are you ready to claim your desires and voice, to show up powerfully and speak them into reality?

The Embodied


is not afraid to stand out and shine. She is not afraid of being who she is nor afraid of letting the world see her.

✴︎ She feels safe to radiate full expression and be her true self

✴︎ She is deeply anchored in her true gifts and purpose

✴︎ She fully owns her self, her gifts and her desires

✴︎ She is steeped in personal power and self worth

✴︎ She lives in daily spaciousness and freedom with impenetrable sacred soul boundaries

✴︎ She embodies true abundance & wealth magnetism

In just 90 days:

⁕ Vaporize Matrix Illusions so you can embody your truest self and live in authentic expression

⁕ Transmute survival energy so you can flow into creation energy and emblazoned action

⁕ Embody abundance codes to magnetize money and wealth the feminine way

⁕ Reclaim your voice so you may speak your truth with confidence and clarity

⁕ Become steeped in personal power - deeply anchored in your divine gifts and purpose

⁕ Feel safe to radiate the full expression of your gifts and magic

⁕ Reclaim your authentic essence and divine worth, so you can receive your deepest desires

⁕ Fully own self-trust to live in harmony with your truth


❝ The amazing work Nancy did with me swept me off my feet and brought me back with so much more love and appreciation for myself and my gifts. Only two days later I showed up massively for myself - without any doubt or fears. Just owning my space, unapologetically. It weeded out connections, that were no longer nurturing and instantly ushered in new amazing soul connections and clients.

If you want to go deep and veeeeeeeeery far, while lovingly being held and guided, I highly recommend this experience 

~ Veronika

❝ My view on the world has been completely changed and it is an amazing feeling that somebody truly believes in you and in your goals and thinks that these are all really reachable. Thank you for all the support Nancy! ❞

~ Anita

❝ Before working with Nancy, I didn't realize how habitual negative framing of my challenges was keeping me stuck.

I used escapism to ignore issues when I didn't know how to deal with them. So they stayed stuck inside me.

I didn't know there was a process for making real change without all the slogging through details that didn't matter.

In just 3 months, I have achieved goals I've had for years.❞

~ Rose

Meet your Coach, Nancy Banner

I spent decades living in smallness, believing I wasn't enough with a victim mindset that I needed rescuing - a basic Princess mentality.

But a voice kept whispering "you are more than this"

I've spent the last decade devoted to unearthing the patterns, wounds and traumas of this lifetime and others, to claim my rightful place as a beacon for women's empowerment, sovereign leadership and wholeness.

It is my divine mission and privilege to light the path and call others forward, into their highest expression, for their individual soul purpose and the collective healing available, when we each unleash our potential.


Value in the Box:

⁕ 8 Live Group Coaching Sessions and their recordings ($2400 value)

⁕ 8 powerful Activations to repeat and anchor in transformation ($3200 value)

⁕ Bonus Meditations & Activations to Quantum Leap your Personal Power and Divine Abundance ($999 value)

Private Facebook Group for sisterhood, celebration & support between sessions (value: priceless)

(Total Value: $6,600 )



Investment Options:

(upgrades for private support available at checkout)

PAY IN FULL $3,888

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