The Ovaries To Own Your Uniqueness

Jan 25, 2021

Talk about OWNING your uniqueness!

This image awakens me!

It may do nothing for you. It may repulse some. That’s art!

THIS image speaks directly to something very deep in me. It’s raw. It’s powerful. It’s sensual. It reverberates within me.

That’s how I know I’ve hit a truth - aligned with something ancient. What a rush!!

Talk about a woman OWNING who she is, in all her unique glory! When you look at the breadth of work over her modeling career, GRACE JONES SHOWS UP!

No fear to stretch the edges of visual art with her own style.

Can you try imagining how powerful it would feel, to show up so freely, so authentically? And to know your worth so deeply, that it feels safe (or safe enough) to stand out - waaay out?

After all these years, I’m only just discovering the worthiness to own my birthright.

Can you relate?

Then there’s the whole “getting the brain on board” with it, when all it knows is to serve and protect core wounds.

I’ve made it my personal mission to alchemize core wounds (and related automatic brain response) into unconditional self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness , for myself and those who work with me.

What’s the payoff? Living powerfully, sensually, authentically! And the more of us that do, the more healed our world becomes.

Thank you for the inspiration Ms. Jones!

With love and in service,

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