Powerful or Powerless?

Jan 10, 2022

It is no longer a secret that our ‘outer world’ is just a reflection of our inner state of being.

Some get defensive when they hear this - the responsibility may feel too burdensome - it’s easier and more comfortable to blame external circumstances when things aren’t as we wish them to be.

But the up side to the truth is that we each have the power to change our outer world, our external circumstances, by working to heal, transform and expand ourselves to a higher expression. The more light we can cultivate from within, illuminating shadows and examining beliefs, the more light frequencies of love, freedom, abundance and creation can be reflected back. Some consider it selfish to spend so much focus on healing one’s past. “Get over it - just move on!” And after a certain amount of healing, that does become true - living in our stories is counterproductive. But we aren’t just carrying around our own past. We are harboring generations worth of wounding and survival beliefs that trigger us to stay the same version of our ancestors.

Sorry, this is MY life. And I can’t do the stuff I know I’m here to do, weighed down by generations of baggage, living their lives. FTS.

So if someone considers me selfish for relieving myself of said baggage, so be it. It doesn’t make a flip of difference what someone else thinks of my journey. What they haven’t yet awakened to is that they could do it too, if they weren’t imprisoned by their judgment.

My journey is mine and I have the power to create anything I choose (as do you and they).

Every inner transformation, every collapse of false, patriarchal, scarcity beliefs, builds not just one’s personal expansion and joy (because the inner is what is reflected back in life experiences) but also creates a ripple effect in collective energy and consciousness.

So I say choose to get selfish, start digging, take responsibility for your own personal happiness, freedom and abundance. You’ll be doing the world a huge favor at the same time, so Win-Win!!

Wishing you full freedom and abundance,

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