Light Leaders and Missioned Souls

Feb 14, 2022

What’s a Missioned Soul?

Many of us can relate to spending our life trying to hide our quirks, anomalies, and uniqueness - often hating them, for making us different when all we want is to fit in.

But one thing that life experience offers is the truth that some of us did not come here to fit in.

We came here with intention to fulfill a powerful purpose.

We are called ‘missioned souls’.

You were not born to fit in my lovely. You were born to stand out. You were born to lead.

This is why “conforming” has always felt so uncomfortable. I did it (conformed), because it was expected of me and then it became my conditioning. I ALWAYS felt that doing things my own way was the way to go. But to truly embrace the reins of my mission, I have had to reverse millennia of conditioning.

While looking over my shoulder of THIS lifetime, the path looks pretty crooked (with more than a few detonated mine fields along the way), but all those choices and “missteps” prepared me for the moment I accepted that I am a missioned soul and a Light Leader.

Like me, you may find the word “Leader” to feel triggering - with all sorts of inner (or outer) voices pointing out your shortcomings, your not-enoughness or your smallness - but the sooner you can consider the possibility, the sooner you can get on with unwinding all the conditioning (from this lifetime and others), so you may:

  • Embrace your “oddities” - the ones you’ve always wanted to hide
  • Learn to accept these as the tools you brought to the mission
  • Embrace your role as a Light Leader and allow yourself to step into this role, supporting humanity in the awakening and shift to the New Earth.
  • Allow your shine to help light others' way

There’s a reason you incarnated now, with these generations and lifetimes of trauma.

The reason you have so much past life experience with being harassed, silenced, tortured and stripped of your power, is so that in this epic time of human history right now, you have evidence that the oppression wasn’t enough to stop you - you are here, again.

In walking through those alchemical fires, lifetime after lifetime, overcoming the hardships with more resolve each time, you have become the version of you that stands here now, steeped in your own light - a multi-dimensional being incarnated to aid humanity in crossing the bridge to a New Earth.

The Light Leader in me sees the Light Leader in you. 👀

And this time my sister, the wind is blowing in the right direction……

Wishing you clarity,

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