Is Money Holding You Back?

Dec 16, 2019

Is Money Holding you Back?
If you are reading this and wish you had more money to do all the things you dream of, you are in Camp #1.
If you are reading this and have the money to do the things you desire, but that money comes at a high price (health, relationships, self loathing, resentment, betrayal or expected loyalty as examples), you are in Camp #2.

Whichever camp you may be in, if you want to change the dynamic of your money, you must understand that your view and results are 100% a symptom of hidden money beliefs. No exceptions.

These are not beliefs we chose - it’s more like you unknowingly absorbed or downloaded them from experiences throughout your life - they are messages we pick up on as children and experiences we have as we grow and live. In fact, we “create” experiences as we grow and live that support the beliefs we took on. We don’t do this intentionally, we do it unconsciously.

Your money situation, whether it’s high debt, no savings for an emergency (to say nothing of retirement), living paycheck to paycheck, sacrificing time for dollars or having to ask for what is rightfully yours, is a reflection of your internal (emotional) landscape. Guaranteed.

Think about it.

Do you believe you must sacrifice to earn money? Says who?
Do you believe that “people like us” aren’t meant to make the big bucks and have the dream life? Says who?
Do you believe you must have a certain income level or savings account balance to be attractive in a relationship?

I could go on with these types of common examples for a while, but I imagine you get the point. And if not, the point is, you took on these ideas somewhere along the way and that means, they don’t truly belong to you. And certainly, just because someone else believes them, doesn’t make them true either.

All this to say that if you are not seeing the results in your money that you thought you would by now, you may want to do some Beliefs Diagnostics.

Unfortunately, it’s really tricky to do this unassisted, because we have a blind spot for these things. Everyone of us. So if this has you curious, I suggest you find a professional who has a proven and swift method to help you discover and shift any faulty beliefs around money. When you do so, you create the energetic space for your truest and deepest desires to come forward. And that’s when magic happens!

That’s what I did. And because I feel so strongly about it, I trained and certified to be a Money Beliefs Surgeon.
I hope you’ve found this article enlightening. I would love to hear your comments in the space below.

Wishing you clarity & brilliance,

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