Follow Your Bliss

Aug 10, 2020

Are you following your bliss?

I want to. It sounds so delicious doesn’t it? I wanted to spew my wisdom on this subject so you could take it into your being-ness. Until I realized I didn’t have the wisdom to share. For me, Bliss has been a conundrum, to say the least. So I did what any good 21st century human would do: I Googled it.

I learned some misconceptions - which was a useful start. Following your Bliss is NOT:

❧ doing whatever feels good in the moment (dammit!)*

❧ the cause of instantaneous success

❧ head in the clouds or walking on air all the time

❧ limited to one bliss

I’m someone who deeply resists anything that feels like being caged - freedom to follow my whims and spend my time in a way that feels good in the moment is deeply important to me. So I had confused “being in flow” with “follow your bliss”.

Not at all the same it seems.

According to experts, “following your bliss” is a life path created by intuition and nudges, is highly fulfilling, and serves others it’s gratifying to know that it’s still very personalized AND it’s not just that one thing. Great news for anyone who has been chasing that one thing all her life - it can be multiple things!!!

For what it’s worth, after chasing and chasing, I think I’ve actually arrived to mine. It turns me on in so many ways to use the path I’ve lived to inspire other women and that ticks every box. So it seems I’m already following my biggest bliss!!

Your turn. If you could do anything that is fun, fulfilling and serves others, what would you do? Tell me in the comments and thereby announce it to the Universe, so those wheels can begin turning!

*This would be living in f l o w, which is a different kettle of fish we’ll fry up another time.

Wishing you clarity & brilliance,

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