Escaping Food Service and Pursuing Your Dream

Jun 28, 2020

Escaping Food Service & Pursuing your Dream

I haven’t always been an Empowerment Coach. If you’ve known me for a while, you know that I spent 30+ years in the Hospitality Industry with a focus on food and beverage. I have a Bachelors degree in Hotel & Restaurant Administration, an Associates degree in Culinary Arts, lived and worked in one of the worlds largest hospitality laboratories (Las Vegas), have an intimate knowledge of restaurants from loading dock to hostess stand - you could say food service has been my life - at least it was from 1979-2016.

To date, my most frequent dream is about waiting tables - I wake up and think “oh shit, I need to go back to sleep because table 6 wanted more coffee!” 😓

If you’ve been in the hospitality field, you know what I’m talking about!

The food service industry became all I knew. Initially I fell into it as a summer job. The longer you stay, the more experience you gain, makes it easy to take your skills anywhere. So you keep doing it. Hospitality became my life and the industry (hotel, restaurant, catering or otherwise) gets in your blood. It has to, to consistently work when everyone else is having fun - evenings, weekends, holidays. And when you’re not working, all you want is to attend a party and/or be waited on!

We tend to be a raunchy bunch. And we are HYPER-critical of food and service!!! It’s probably painful to go out to eat with one of us if you aren’t in the industry. I know a few people who could attest to that! 😂

Why am I rambling on about this? Because when you’ve spent your whole working career in one industry, it becomes really really hard to imagine something else and we tell ourselves that’s all we’re good at. But the truth is, there is life after hospitality and I’m proof of it.

Right about now may be a good time to consider a career pivot. Hospitality has been hit hard with more devastation likely. Are you ready to receive the signs that it’s okay to try something else? Maybe it’s time to dust off the dreams you had before you fell into this soul sucking industry.

No matter how old you think you are, there is always time to take a new road. And if you can’t even imagine where to start, that’s my blue plate special. It’s time to practice FIFO darling - your soul’s original intention for you in this life, should be what we go to first, but we forget and instead it languishes, hidden away in the back of the walk-in, while serving others takes over your life.

It’s time to ask yourself some pointed questions, such as:

  • Am I doing this work because it IS my passion and dream?
  • Am I doing this work because it’s what I know and where my earning power is?
  • What would I do if I could choose anything?

One thing is certain, if you’re ready to discover, own and unleash your soul self (what I call the inner Rockstar), you will bump up against things that feel scary and your mind will fight you - so you have to sneak up on them. I can help with that. I know the ways. I can even help you find that soul self and what it deeply desires. All part of the process.

You were made for more than bartending, waiting tables or slinging hash. And the world needs what you were made for - now more than ever!

If you were in hospitality and have been displaced by COVID19, unsure what to do next, how to pivot, I get it. I get that it’s really hard to let go of something you’ve invested so much blood, sweat and tears in!

If you’d like to learn how I can help, schedule a free chat here. And if it’s not you, share this with someone else whom it applies to.

It may feel like the end of the world, but I promise it isn’t, when you are open to seeing the sunrise (total metaphor - I’m a night owl)! 🦉

Wishing you clarity & brilliance,

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