Courage Over Comfort

Mar 04, 2021

Being stuck has been real pain point for me - it still is really. I want nothing more than to grow and expand into the fullest expression of me that’s available in this lifetime. Yet I have a long history of holding myself back, knowingly and unknowingly.

How and why do we get so stuck? The simple answer: we are wired for safety - it’s primal and comfort is the equivalent of safety - so it isn’t natural to intentionally disrupt our comfort.

Yes, there are those who thrive on that - I cannot speak to it - it’s totally foreign to me. But for the rest of us, there is a tipping point, when comfort becomes more uncomfortable than safety.

If you’re like me, you have felt like there’s MUCH more for you - more impact, more fulfillment, more legacy - but the gestation has been lengthy and you’ve been spinning your wheels to birth it. Maybe you’re not even sure what IT is exactly. All I know is that something is pulling me to BE more than I am now.

It is NOT in my nature to show up like this, publicly baring my soul. And I’m sure I’m not alone in that! But the pain of not becoming what I meant to, gives me the courage to keep putting one foot in front of the other, showing up in whatever way that brings me closer to my mission of service.

For a long long time, I unknowingly lived with a VOW OF INVISIBILITY - a fear of showing up, speaking out - maybe you can relate! We are all carrying DNA from a time when speaking out, resulted in persecution, including death. Our cells have that recall and act to keep us safe from making that mistake again. Our cells don’t know that the world has changed since then - that there is more tolerance (and laws) that allow for our wisdom now.

In the interest of courageously baring my soul in case it may help someone, here is a (personal) example that I feel defines Courage (over Comfort):

Walking away from deep, soul-driven love because the Universe or your higher self is pulling so hard and persistently that you have to follow the pull, even when you don’t want to; even when you can feel your heart splitting in half. It takes big courage to trust the pull, instead of choosing to remain in the comfort of the known (not to mention a kind of love that others envy).

What might life be like if we all chose courage and energetically said YES to all our desires? When the primal, triggered voice says “that’s ridiculous” or even “no way!”, we can recognize the fear, but we CHOOSE DESIRE.

Case in point:
I keep getting the notion that playing the drums would be fun and bad-ass, but my inner critic rolls right in and says “Are you nuts? You’ll be a laughing stock”. Do I have the ovaries to follow my desire? Stay tuned…….

With love and in service,

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